Original DRIFT Wearable Action Camera 1080P HD Bicycle Mountain Bike Helmet Sports Cam with WiFi Ambarella Chip


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Start Using
Please charge the camera before the first use of it. 
Charge the Camera
• Take out the camera and the Micro-USB cable.
• Connect the USB cable to computer to start charging the camera;
• During charging, if the battery is not fully charged, the battery indicator lamp blinks green twice successively; but if the battery is fully charged, the indicator lamp keeps green lighted on.
Install Micro SD Card
• Open the USB lid on Micro SD card slot;
• Insert a Micro SD/SDHC card with Class 6 or higher (max memory of 32 GB) in the direction of sign on the camera and push the lid until it is closed.
• Put on the USB slot protection cover.
• Do not apply or remove the Micro SD card during the camera is switched on. 
Use the Camera
• Be sure the battery is fully charged and Micro SD card is inserted before using the  camera.
• Press and hold the power/mode button for a while to turn on the camera.
• When the camera is on, press the power/mode button once to convert its shooting mode.
• The shooting modes include Video, Photo, and Timelapse shooting mode;
• After choosing the video shooting mode, press the shooting button to start recording or shooting. Press it again to stop.
• When the Photo mode is chosen, press the shooting button once to take photo.
When the camera starts up but doesn’t start recording or shooting, press WIFI button once to turn on or off WIFI.
Camera Specification
Resolution Ratio: 1080P/30FPS 720P/30FPS
Video Format: .MP4 (H.264 Codec)
Sensor: CMOS
Dept of Field: 0.8 Meter – Infinite
Angle of Lens (Opposite Angle): 87°
Pixel: 8 Megapixel
Microphone: Built-in Microphone
USB: Micro-USB
External Memory: Micro SD, SDHC MAX Memory 32 GB
Compatibility: Windows 7 or above/MAC OSX10.5 or above
Size: 176.5X174.8X27mm (Belt not include)
Weight: 97g
Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Battery, 1160 mAh
Shooting Time: Continuous 180 Minutes of HD Video Shooting after Full-charged