100% Original Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 Virtual Reality 3D VR Glasses Private Box Theater for 4.7 – 6.2 inches Phones Immersive 2.0


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Integrate visual and audition, 
VR Helmet with total immersion

What is BOBOVR Z4 used for?

To stimulate a private cinema for you to lie down at home and watching IMAX 3D movies(Hollywood, Japan movies, etc); stretch yourself to wherever you want; realize the scenes of Mars, the Imperial Palace, Beach, Jurassic Pack without walking out; experience the exciting games of roller Coaster, Real CS, Pendule, etc.


Total Immersion 120° Large Visual

Using the imported PMMA materials from Japan, 35mm focal distance, 120° large visual, which is more near to human’s visual angle,ensure more reality.
Immersive Sound Effect is one of the important parts of virtual realities
Integrate visual and hearing
Without immersive sound effect, the realization is not complete. Although you can travel to the other world once you wear it, the fantasy won’t be long without 3D sound effect.

BOBOVRZ4 makes good use of integral patented designation in advance. , assisting with sound-proof earphone with heavy bass, which will have you immersed in the new world once you have it.   w world once you have it.


             Using PET materials in Sheet                   Molding Technology
Simulating a much more real scene

Diaphragm is the core of earphone, being essential to the sound quality. For better effects, phonics engineers are always hunting for diaphragm with lighter, tougher, better transferring factors. Making diaphragm with 40mm, and applying with PET materials in Sheet Molding Technology can assure the mediant effects. Excellent diaphragm materials and structure, larger size, make it better and explosive in simulating a true scene.


Instantly answering the phone call Adjusting volume

What if there is phone call while immersing in the virtual world? Traditional helmet need to put off the helmet, but Z4 will only need you press the multi-function button, no need to put off the helmet to answer the phone. While watching movies or playing games, you can adjust the volume through the multi-function button, Pause/Play, so convenient!


Diopter Adjustment
(Clearance Degree)

Cater for the needs of 0°- 800° myopia and 0°- 400°hyperopia;

No need to wear glasses. Adjust the focal distance after wearing the Z4.


PD(Fringe, Blackout Adjustment)

IMulti-layer themolysis design

Effectively prevents smartphone and face from being too heated, as well as prevents the glasses from being fogging

Smartphone Themolysis

When playing movies or games, smartphones will produce much heat. Traditional virtual glasses use sponge to fix the phone, which means that the heat will be harder to spread out. However, using 0543 stainless steel with high elastic force to support the back of phone, keeping the air floating through the 6 pores of the material, which can assure the heat spread out from the top as soon as possible.

Face Thermolysis Design

Applying the design of air vent upper and lower, while keeping no light exposed, strengthen the air convection of face, preventing from piled up heat, which might make the glasses foggy and the face uncomfortable.


Comprehensively Comfortable Design

BOBOVR Z4 Helmet+ Headphone Integrity Design, using the ultrathin shell with weight 410g and multi-stress distribution idea to make the Z4 as light as possible. It will do well in relieving tiredness, reducing blackout, increasing time of watching movies and gaming.

Heading Adjustment

Enlarge the stress point, reduce the forehead pressure, relieving the tiredness.


Flexible Headphone

It is able to stretch former and backward, suitable to different head size and different age;
Two kinds of headphones are filled with memory sponge, soft and comfortable, effective for reducing the stress against ears. Outer layer is high quality protein skin, safe and skin-friendly, strong sound-proofing, which can reduce the noise outside the fantasy world.


Flexible support structure adaptive different faces

It is optimized for 2000 times according to different face sizes from all over the world, using elastic structure can perfectly match the face each time, there won’t be light exposing around the nose. You will feel more comfortable with the slowly elastic sponge.


Ultralight Design, Multi-stress distribution Idea

Traditional VR Helmet+Headphone weight 600g. Using the ultrathin shell design, Z4 weights only 410g. The whole machine is light with the multi-stress distribution idea, which reduce the stress towards face and ears.


Smartphone Installation and Protection

Hatch can be opened instantly, applied with high grade designation, abandoned the tradition magnet or button placement.Hatch 35°half-opened design, assuring that the phone won’t slide off accidentally.
Once it’s positioned, there will not need to do it again. Also it can prevent the smartphone from moving because of wrong operation.The touching part in the screen used large size of soft materials to protect the screen from being scraping.