Stuck in life lately?

Stuck in life lately? It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? It’s like being between two decisions: with the weight of ambiguity on your back, and the feeling of despair creeping in and out of your mood. Feeling stuck can be arduous, time-consuming, and depressing, even.


We get stuck for a variety of reasons. First, it’s hard to make big decisions. They take time and need careful thought and assessment. They take an enormous amount of energy and toll on our minds. It gets messy in there; all that back and forth.


We get trapped for a multitude of reasons. Some have a core belief that to make a decision, you need some sort of “sign”. A sign from the universe, perhaps. We throw our hands into fate or destiny and hope that some guiding force will show us the way. While that is a powerful theory, it is a huge dependent variable if you aren’t looking in the right places for the sign to reveal itself.


Another reason that we get stuck is sometimes it is easier NOT to make a decision than actually make one. The simple truth about the human psyche is that we don’t like difficult feelings. Making a decision can conjure about those extremely hard feelings: anxiety, depression, anger, or fear – all extremely complicated emotions that we try to ward off.


While feeling stuck is terrible in its own right, sometimes, the change itself is so scary that staying stuck is a great runner up. If you’re stuck on a decision, a life goal, or a dream, here are five strategies to create movement

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